Texture. Taste. Smell. Visual. Ambience. Convenience. Accessibility. Budget. That’s how I approach food these days. And my favourite ambience? Has and always will be my own home, my own space. I don’t really like eating out, come to think of it, I don’t like going out much either.Of course, I do appreciate a change in site, space and situation every now and then, like having a coffee or hot chocolate at the cafe with Lucy, taking a little picnic to the park or just going on an extra long walk together, but I am unable to be comfortable for long anywhere outside of my own home. I sometimes envy, in a technical sort of way, people who can spend all day outside their own homes and actually enjoy it!

Now, in a larger house, with a backyard and endless little things to do, I am all the more happily ensconced without the need to venture out (apart from the once a week shopping for groceries and household stuff). In fact, I am now besieged with thoughts of a plethora of  exciting things to do in the home and for the home, that they pop up even in my dreams! There’s just not enough time in a day to do it all as planned, I always end up only achieving 70% of whatever I had planned for the day. Ah well. I put it down to being a Ferrari engine inside an old Hyundai body. 😛

OK, what was that ramble about, anyway? I am not sure, really, but I started off in my mind with a visual of my plate full of papadams.


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