may I have more please?

may I have more please?

Princess loves dates. But I only allow her one a day. Maybe… sometimes two? I don’t want her to get runny tummy or a crazy sugar high. I don’t think there is a correlation here, between dates and biorhythm, at all, but Miss Lucy has been waking me up earlier these days. This morning, she began her greyhound mini-rooing and gentle pawing at 4.17am! I was half awake by then, but it would’ve been good to sleep in for another hour, till 5.30, at least! Fortunately, I do prefer to wake up before the sun is out, because, for some strange reason tied in with my hypersensitivity, I develop massive headaches if I wake up after the sun has emerged. Anyhow, waking up early means getting more sunlight, which I crave, instead of artificial lighting, which makes me feel ‘heavy’ and more tired. Incidentally, the lovely vintage cheap plastic chandelier in my current bedroom is doing just that. I really need to address this issue, i.e. natural lighting, or the lack thereof, in my new bedroom space!

What was it I said about dates? Oh, yes, sweet but not cloyingly so. I am getting used to the texture too. Well, in any case, this should be better than marshmallow? Good morning, everyone!


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