a little luxury

It’s just 7.15pm as I type, and I am already exhausted and falling asleep. Miss Lucy is snoozing, and having after dinner dreams. We had a good day of sunshine, despite the chilly temperatures. I spent a good portion of the day stripping an old wooden chair of its torn and old stuffing and seat cushion. So many staples and so many furniture nails to loosen and then slowly pull out, one by one! Yes, I am paranoid about dropping any nails or staples and Lucy stepping on them, so I had to work very slowly. I think I have enough vintage nails to use on another project! Miss Lucy was a good girl, waiting patiently for me throughout, and coming outside to check on me every now and then.

For dinner, I treated myself to a little luxury today: fresh baby spinach leaves! Yes, I never did think fresh baby spinach leaves would become such a luxury for me, but that was then, and this is now. Budget Bunny is now my main protagonist in the performance – all the world’s a stage, innit?! I had the baby spinach with flaxseed oil, tomato stuffed with cheese, and a portion of pork knuckle. ¬†Mmmmiam!


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