what the fish!

baked fish in pineapple sweet sour sauce, and parmesan cheese topping

baked fish in pineapple sweet sour sauce, and parmesan cheese topping, on corn wrap

I had home cooked fish on Saturday and Sunday. Yay! Well, I did go to great lengths for those three portions of fish!

And here’s my Saturday adventure: an amusing look at the adventures of the middle-aged Aspie chick scholar-on-a-budget with idiosyncratic proprioceptive-sensory reflexes. Aldi has just opened in Bond Junction – I shop there because it is the nearest place I can get to on the bus, without having to walk down and up a steep hill (to Edgecliff). It was a nightmare, of course, Saturday crazies! But the lure of cheap food can be extremely strong, especially after having been eyeball deep in debt for an entire week before that. Long story… I was duped by a tradie who had quoted me $40 an hour to install my door, but after spending 3 hours on a simple job that dad used to do in one hour, instead of charging me $120, he wanted $200! Silly clueless and slow to respond Aspie that I am, I was completely caught off guard, and handed over my hard earned, overdrawn cash. Sigh. I was out of cash, I only had $100 in my pocket (I hadn’t even expected him to take 3 hours, I could’ve done the job in 2, if I had the brawn and the tools!), so, instead of standing my ground and refusing to pay him, I obediently ran to the nearby ATM to withdraw the extra. I was out of money because Fair Trading took ages to return my previous rental bond..

Anyway, back to Saturday. I finally got my bond money back from Fair Trading, and decided I’d reward myself with some food, and go check out Aldi. After braving the horribly crowded sensory nightmare of Aldi, the cheap food paradise, at Bondi Junction, head throbbing, and mouth dry from the combined effort of dealing with normalities and abnormalities all at one go, I dragged my giant load onto a 380 bus heading home. At my stop, I let an old lady get off before me, then, just as I was stepping out, the bus driver decided to close the doors and began to drive away. I was squashed rather unceremoniously with heavy shopping cart in right hand dangling precariously outside the bus (hey, I wasn’t going to let go of my precious groceries, was I?), shopping bag full of marshmallows and bread in flailing left hand still inside the bus, and backpack stuffed full with chicken, pig trotter and that pack of fish on my aching back.

OK, so what did I do? Typical slow reacting Aspie, I politely called out, “Excuse me!” instead of yelling bloody murder! Luckily, some kind passengers shouted bloody murder on my behalf, telling the bus driver to stop, which he did after trundling along with me in that unglamorous position for a good few feet. The sudden jerky stop spat me and all my goods out of the bus, into the street, whereby my trolley teetered threateningly and I almost fell – but no, I didn’t. The very bad driver drove off quickly and didn’t bother to even stop to check if I was ok. I am glad it was me and not the old lady, who was behind me in the bus, but I let her alight first.

Anyhow, all is good, not even the eggs were damaged. I wobbled home in a state of shock, but am otherwise fine, and was more worried about my food than the fact that I could have been seriously hurt. The latter only sank in after lunch and a few marshmallows! Yes, I did lodge a report.

So, that was the grand adventure behind the fish. It was pretty tasty too, and together with all the groceries I managed to lug home for half the usual price I’d have paid at Coles, it was well worth the effort, I’d say!


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