marshmallow fix

marshmallow fix!

marshmallow fix!

I have no idea why, but lately, I have been addicted to marshmallows! I know, it is terribly unhealthy, and this is a departure from the norm for me, because I really don’t even like desserts or sweet stuff. When I do bake cupcakes or make little treats, I deliberately skip sugar if an ingredient was already a sweet one, and I never add sugar to my hot chocolate. So, why this sudden marshmallow addiction? Does my body crave sugar for some reason – stress, maybe? And not just sugar, but especially the texture of marshmallow, that squidgy, soft, bouncy, chewy sensation with powdery sticky sweetness seems somehow inexplicably comforting – for now anyway… Yes, sensory intensity – both aversion and attraction – is a common feature of autism / asperger’s. Although food yearnings and addictions are a part of life for most people, regardless of neurological make up, it can be rather extreme for those with autism. I guess we are extreme humans in many ways…

Well, whatever the explanation, I’m not going to analyse it too much – until the current craze is over, I’m going to dip into the bag again!


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