convection cooking

My lovely friend, Rose, bought me a convection oven, along with other things to keep me warm and sane. I used it for the first time tonight. Yup, I cooked that super cheap chicken I’d bought from Aldi on Saturday. Sesame oil and light soy sauce marinade. Stuffed with garlic. Capsicums sliced and tossed in olive oil. Convection oven set to 230C and cooked for 30 minutes. It looked like a spaceship, all lighted up in my dark kitchen. The chicken turned out nicely browned and the skin lightly crispy. I couldn’t achieve that nice brown in my little ovenette. Yum! Lucy wanted some too, she was watching me the whole time I was in the kitchen. Too bad, nothing for the Princess, but she did get a doggy treat instead, for all her waiting and watching – and just being irresistibly cute!


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