Moving house is a nightmare! Everything is completely out of sync: time, space, position, place… light, dark, smells, sounds, tastes, textures… Nobody likes moving, but compound that and turn it all up full volume, and you get the Aspie’s equation. It is well documented that changes do not go down well with autistic people. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to purposefully calm myself down and stop myself from going berserk, a la Rain Man style! And yes, stimming really does help – try it, even if you are not autistic, stimming (repetitive physical motion for self calming – rocking etc) provides a sensation that brings about a good level of physical re-balancing and calm. Think about how babies usually respond well to being rocked gently? So, we’re not so bizarre after all, we’re just extremely sensorial.

As soon as all my too many boxes and milk crates full of stuff had been moved in, I had to rush to complete a conference paper. Computer not set up, thank goodness I have my Macbook Pro. Oh, and guess what? The skies decided to open up for two weeks, the second week was a wash out of continuous rain and freezing cold. We survived only because a wonderful friend found out about me and Lucy freezing and cuddling up in bed to keep warm, and brought us a heated fitted mattress overlay, a sleeping bag for me to wrap up in while I had to work on my conference paper, and a convection oven so I could cook some decent food.

OK, it is my own fault for choosing a rustic, run down, old, very old and dilapidated house to move into. It should be a sensory nightmare, and in some ways it is rather scary, but I fell in love with it the minute I stepped inside. It is an artist’s dream house. No, I don’t like that the bathroom and toilet are outside, and I don’t like that there is no bathroom sink, and I don’t like it at all that there is no hot water at the kitchen sink either. But, it is  a charming house. And the backyard full of potential for Lucy. And face it, I was at my wits’ end, after 5 applications and all 5 rejections on account of my having Lucy. NO PETS!!! Ridiculous, seeing as there seems to be a dog trotting along in every two feet of space in the busy Paddo streets! The strata management at the last apartment I’d applied for actually asked if I could carry Lucy in and out of the lobby! CARRY MY 29kg GREYHOUND!?!? Do you laugh or cry?


So, here we are. And that was the reason for the long silence. No internet for a week after moving in. I had to rely on my iPad’s 3G card. Then I couldn’t find my SDcard reader to transfer photos into my mini La Cie external drive. Then I was just too caught up with a host of other things. And yes, I am not done yet. I am still struggling to settle in.

How did I manage to cram all this stuff into my 4x3m apartment? Everything seems to have expanded and taken on a whole different kind of life and rhythm.

But we will get there. Lucy and me. This house is for her, anyway. I love it too, of course. 🙂 More updates soon…


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