We are doing fine with the backyard clearing. Almost done. But the cut down bushes, plants etc need to be tidied and stored until the next waste collection. I missed the call-up time, it is Saturday now and too late to call the office for garden waste collection. Oups! Lucy is happy. She even tried to help with some digging, and she lay on the cool soft soil after I had raked it. Of course, paranoid mummy had to do some major wiping of the Princess before bed, but it is good to see her happy at last. And able to be a doggy, with space to play in.

The only downside is the constant kitty intrusion. I am kitty-phobic and kitty-llergic. I like looking at them if they are pretty, and they usually are. But I do not like them near me, and least of all inside my personal space. I do wish people who own cats would keep them inside at all times – they are pets after all, not supposed to be wild or feral. Imagine if everyone who has a pet allows them to run around at will? Mice, gerbils, rabbits, dogs, goats, whatever else all running around amok? Chaos. Not to mention the health hazards. So, why should cats be allowed to go anywhere and everywhere they please, and why should people be obliged to put up with them? It just doesn’t make logical sense, nor is it considerate or respectful of others’ private space. Why should I tolerate your pet, whatever it may be, inside my space uninvited, at any time it wishes?

Yet, cat owners climb on their inconsiderate high horse and say this is their ‘natural’ way of life. Duh? Is owning a pet ‘natural’ at all? Disgusting. Really. Humans. Not the cats. It isn’t their fault. My close friends who do own cats keep theirs indoors, and the kitties are spoilt, pampered, loved and very very happy, without needing to cause others alarm or disturbance. It is not absolutely necessary for their wellbeing to be allowed to roam at will.

Yes, I have the right to complain to the owner of the cat, if it annoys me too much, if it shits too much in my backyard, if it teases my dog, if it scares me etc. But do you really think the owner of said cat would care at all? And why should I have to be made to complain directly to the owner? Why shouldn’t the council just ban all roaming cats and give us the right to complain to the council to act on the issue instead of putting the onus on the complainant? If my dog persistently invaded my neighbour’s house and caused my neighbour alarm, my neighbour can complain to the council and I will be in grave danger of a serious warning, fine or even demand that my dog be put down! Why not the same for cats?

Humans are the worst animals. Every excuse to be irresponsible and selfishly careless. Ugh!


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