monday sunshine

Yay! Sunshine on a Monday morning! We survived the rain yet again. We were both happy girls this morning. Breakfast was an inspired tomato soup and avocado dip with toast. Then we headed out to my studio to do some work. Lucy had a little wander around the lovely balcony, enjoying the morning sunshine. I made a small portion of sambal chilli okra for lunch. I also cooked some korma chicken, triggered by a feeling of nostalgia for spicy food (which isn’t all that often). The Patak’s korma paste was pretty blah – tasteless and nothing like the yummy korma from the Banana Leaf Apolo restaurant in Little India back home. We grumble nowadays that standards have fallen, but hey, it’s still great compared to this muck from Patak’s. I ate it anyway – waste not, right? Not going to buy Patak’s sauces anymore. I rank this brand alongside Asian Home Gourmet. Nope. Not the real stuff at all. Besides, cooking spicy Indian food tends to leave a horrible smell in the aftermath. Had to thoroughly clean the kitchen, and even now, it smells like flat, boggy, stale korma sauce. Definitely not a regular dish for this hypersensitive Aspie chick!

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