lousy weather

We both hate wet and damp, and incessant rain makes us depressed. Lousy weather for the last few days. Ran out of fresh meats on Saturday, and only had one cucumber left, so I whipped up a dinner of bacon, cucumber and rice – my version of a “poor girl’s meal.” Cucumber isn’t exactly cheap here, but this one was on special, just 80 cents each. Breakfast on a soggy, cold, dark Sunday morning was bacon again, with egg, of course, whatever’s left in the fridge, so I tried to make it more visually pleasing – I made an omelette and garnished it with olives. Tasty nevertheless. We trotted out for a walk, during a lull in the downpour, but we were caught halfway through. Unfortunately, silly me wanted to have a look at one of the apartments listed for rent, which was down the valley across the road. Just as we were nearly there, a clap of thunder brought a deluge of rain, down it came. Fortunately, I at least had the good sense to bring Lucy’s raincoat. We took cover under the awning at Thomas Dux grocers, I fitted the Princes with the raincoat, and we bravely began running uphill towards home. Easy for Miss Lucy, the former racing greyhound, but not easy for mummy at all. I felt as if my heart was going to burst and my knees were going to buckle at any time, but Princess so hates the rain that she really wanted to hurry. We stopped halfway for me to catch my breath and make sure I was not going to faint, thankfully the rain began to ease a bit, and I managed to even take some photographs! We made it to the covered walkway along Oxford Street just in time, because it suddenly started to pour again! Once home, the Princess of course was thoroughly cleaned and rubbed dry, and given a nice chewy to munch on. I was tired of eating bacon, so I thought I’d quickly pop out to Coles for some grocery shopping. Rain stopped, and I beetled off with my shopping cart. As luck would have it, on my way home, the skies once again opened up and rain came hurtling down. I thought I’d have to swim home!

Was it worth it? Maybe. Lunch was a nice beef steak and buttered rice with lettuce. I also cooked up some black bean beef stir fry.

Miss Lucy wasn’t happy. But at least she was all wrapped up, warm and snug. It poured again last night, and my baby refused to step out of the lobby for her night time pee. She kept it in till this morning. Thankfully, the sun came back out.


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