It’s cupcake day! Yes, I made a batch of Nutella Cupcakes, and then at teatime, I had a little Carrot Cake cupcake size at the lovely cafe in Perry Lane called, Not Just Coffee. There are many al fresco places which allow you to bring your doggies along, but this place is the friendliest and their food the yummiest in Paddo! I love the folks at Not Just Coffee, and there is a very sweet nooky feel to the place. I go when it is not crowded, for the sensory calm and the comforting smell of the food and coffee. There is a rhythm to the sound of dishes, footsteps, the coffee machine (which is not too loud there) and cheerful chitchat among the staff and sometimes the patrons, without  it becoming too intrusive. Of course, any place when crowded is a nightmare, and I avoid going out in the weekends for that reason.

I am teaching Lucy to get used to being in a cafe with me. I have not had money to eat out much at all, but now that I can do that a bit more (though still not the way I used to), Lucy is having to learn how to do the doggy-at-the-cafe thing with mummy. She was a good girl, though a tad restless, but not that much more than some of the little ones, except that a little one wandering around takes up a whole lot less space and is far less obvious than my big girl doing the same! She will learn, in time…

OK, here is the recipe for the Nutella Cupcake. Very simple, try it!

Half cup Nutella + one egg + 5 tablespoons flour (I used self raising) + 6 tablespoons milk / soy milk

Mix well. Spoon into cupcake shells. Bake at 175C for 10-15minutes. Voila!


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