music & dogs

All the dogs I’ve ever lived with loved music of some kind or other. I believe the sonic, rhythmic and harmonic structures appeal to their senses. Now, this is not science, but I did notice that each one of them had different tastes, though, and it always fascinated me how the kinds of music they liked corresponded with their personalities.

My girl loves Mozart’s Violin Sonatas, and Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. When I play that on my iTunes, she will come and lie down near me, sighing contentedly. She only sort of tolerates it when I play Leonard Cohen, she grunts and jumps into bed, curling up as far away from me as possible! This afternoon, I was playing Bobby McFerrin’s new album, Spirityouall, which I had just purchased from the iTunes shop. When this song came up, I began to sing along and she sniffed at me, indicating that she wanted to be stroked. This mum is glad that my girl seems to like my singing, and I often sing her lullabies while cuddling in bed, at bedtime. I know she likes it when she sighs contentedly and snuggles up closer. This is a bouncy song, but she liked it anyway. Well, she may not like all the music that I like, but at least we both agree on Mozart, Bach and Bobby McFerrin!

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