lamb & zucchini

lamb & zucchini lunch

lamb & zucchini lunch

Lunch today was baked lamb and zucchini on a bed of rice. The lamb was part of the batch I’d baked previously and have been systematically devouring in portions. The rice too. But the zucchini was freshly cooked today. And I hate the whole zucchini. Sliced, coated with olive oil, and topped with tomato paste and cheese. Doesn’t look all that yummy but it was pretty good. And don’t you just love the crispy cheese?

Comfort food for a weary Aspie chick who’s expanded too much energy looking for a home for herself and her lovely poochie. Silly strata building laws. Lucy says, “Mumma, people who don’t like me are ugly people!” Amen! (What’s for dinner?)


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