good morning, Monday!

Rainy Monday morning, after a swell weekend of sunshine. Can’t grumble too much, we all need the rain, don’t we? But Lucy doesn’t think so. She just wants the sunshine back up again. Breakfast was a yummy combination of stir fried garlic and mushrooms in olive oil, with a dash of chicken stock powder, instead of salt. I also made a scrambled egg with spinach, no salt, the mushrooms would add enough flavour. Top with cheese and we’re smiling despite the rain. Well, me, that is, because Lucy doesn’t get any of this and nothing would make her smile on a rainy day. I can see that the shower is leaving us, and I guess this is a good time to take Miss Princess outside, before it starts to pour again.

I am feeling some anxiety, because I have a lecture coming up this afternoon. No, it’s not anxiety from having to talk to a big group of people, I am fine with that, it’s so much more enjoyable than social chitchat. It’s the anxiety of preparation, I guess. I’ve given the lecture twice before, so it’s not that I have to write one up from scratch, but I hate using old material ad verbatim, so there will be some work to do when we get home from our walk. A lovely friend has volunteered to take care of Lucy while I am giving the lecture – I have never yet left little madame alone at home in the evening before, and it is during her dinnertime. If I fed her before I left, she’d not be able to go outside for another 4 hours at least, until I return. If I don’t feed her before I leave, she’d have to wait until I return home to be fed, and that will be 3 hours past her usual dinnertime. She will be frantic. I am most relieved that my darling friend is going to take good care of her. Lucy will be most happy in my friend’s beautiful house! I just hope the Princess will behave, though.

Anyhow, all’s good, and off we go, Tally Ho!

Have a lovely sensory week, everyone!


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