maiden beer

My first beer in Australia!

My first beer in Australia. Yup, you read it right. I haven’t had a beer since I arrived in Sydney over a year ago. Reason? SImple. When you are living on AU$8 a day (after paying off rent, utilities, internet and phone bills) with a Princess to feed, you are not going to indulge in a $9 bottle of beer are you? I was on budget survival mode for an entire year, it was tough, but a wonderful learning experience. Now that I have a lordly sum of $20 a day to play with, I can afford healthier food for Lucy, so I still will not indulge in the things I used to take so much for granted, even things I grew up being used to. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are now far from my daily routine, and just as well too, apart from red wine, they are not exactly healthy fare. This is not going to become a habit. But I just felt like giving myself a little treat tonight, a little post exhibition cheer!

And now, after a few gulps of the golden stuff, I am tempted to taste some of those tuna and oatmeal treats I’d baked for Lucy earlier this afternoon! Oh dear! I must be drunk, after only half a glass of beer! **hiccup** They do smell delish, and Lucy is crazy about them too! (Don’t ask me why I went and splashed out on the expensive dog treats in addition to baking these too!)

tuna & oat dog treats

tuna & oatmeal dog treats

Good night, everyone!


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