a taste of home

"char bee hoon" - fried vegetarian vermicelli, Singapore hawker style

“char bee hoon” – fried vegetarian vermicelli, Singapore hawker style

Today was a perfect autumn’s day. Sunshine, cool dry air and a cheery buzz around Paddo. Miss Lucy and I had a great time with her Whippet friends Sonia and Ivy, whose dad has a stall at the Paddo Market, selling beautifully handcrafted leather pouches and handbags. (There was one ever so darling soft patent leather and suede shoulder bag that was calling out my name, but I had to ignore it because I don’t need yet another handbag and I cannot afford it anyway!)

While at the Paddo Market, I picked up two fat red capsicums from the veggie stall, at $3 a kilo, it was a steal! There were some bean sprouts there too, and I was suddenly hit with a pang of nostalgia for the cheap, hawker stall fried vegetarian rice vermicelli that is common breakfast fare back home in Singapore. You can get a plate of the bean sprout and vermicelli stirfry for just SG$1 in some places! Not exactly healthy fare, considering how greasy it usually is, but cheaper and a tad better than McDonald’s junk food. Anyhow, I bought a bag of bean sprouts, which only cost AU$1, a whole 90cents cheaper than at Coles, and decided to cook up some of that cheap veggie vermicelli for dinner. (Mind you, in Asia, bean sprouts are considered poor man’s veggie and they are super cheap, only a few cents a kilo in some countries, and just SG$1 in Singapore, nicely washed and peeled at the supermarket.)

It is a good time to be extra stingy with my own spending these days, and eat as simply as I possibly can, because I have just bought my Princess a new Snooza Magnomat, some healthy fish snacks, and a bag of freeze dried raw food, AND I am moving house, which means more expenses, upfront rental in advance and a deposit to pay before I can get the old one back. In any case, I prefer that Lucy gets the good stuff and I make do with what I can scrape up, because she is worth it by far!

So, here it is, the Bunnyhopscotch version of “char bee hoon” – vegetarian fried rice vermicelli, Singapore hawker style, but with olive oil, instead of whatever greasy cheap oils they usually use. This one was stirfried with garlic, preserved salted yellow soy beans, soy sauce and sweet dark soy sauce. Not exactly ‘it’, but pretty close. And I still have half the bag of bean sprouts left for another repeat tomorrow. Da capo!


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