warm heart

Princess in the red snoodie coat

Princess in the red snoodie coat

I was asked today whether I would make the special snoodie coat that I designed for Lucy, for a pair of whippets. The lady who asked me remarked that I could start a mini handcraft business making greyhound/whippet/iggy specific clothing. I told her I am no professional, I am very particular about presenting good workmanship, and because of that, I don’t think I could do this as a business just yet. But I am willing to try making a few and donating the proceeds, after costs, to greyhound rescue efforts, or to the homeless with dogs?

It is an idea indeed. There aren’t many sighthound specific designs out there, and the ones that do exist cost an arm and leg, and need to be ordered online and shipped from afar, like the EU or USA or UK. Nothing in Australia.  I don’t have much money to donate, all my extra money goes to pampering my girl, and she is worth it. But I could do a piece or two a week, for charity. And it will also be a learning opportunity to refine my sewing skills.

Talking about the homeless with dogs. I have not seen that man with his lovely doggy ever since that one incident. I bought two bags of dog food in readiness for him, but he has not returned to my area. It has become a cause very close to my heart now. Greyhounds and homeless people with dogs.

I posted this morning on my Facebook page that I would like to find a way to donate some of Lucy’s bedding and blankets to homeless people with dogs. Her bedding is new, I keep everything very well and Lucy is fastidiously clean. But I do not have a car and I do not know where to go to drop them off.

A friend praised me for my ‘goodness’ and ‘kind heart.’ The honest truth? Left on my own, I would never have made friends with strangers, let alone homeless people. I was afraid to even give money to beggars, the person to person encounter was somehow too daunting for me. But my perspectives shifted when I observed my brother-in-law’s way of expressing grace-in-action. He would be driving along, with us in the back chatting away, heading towards some scrumptious restaurant or other for a family meal, when suddenly, he’d stop by the side of the road and bound out of the car. Yes, he’d seen an old woman pushing a cart full of cardboard boxes, trying to keep the cart steady, and he went to help her, steer her to safety, and give her some money. Or he’d seen an old man digging into the rubbish bins for empty aluminum tins to sell to recycling plants and he’ll press some money into the old man’s dirty, gnarled hands.

Warm heart. That is what he is. And now, Lucy has opened up a new world to me, the world of the homeless. My girl is another warm heart. A a big greyhound one she has too! She has made friends with certain people she likes, and so, in turn, have I. Now, I look forward to seeing our usual friends by the churchyard next to where they run a soup kitchen, chatting a bit, and being touched over and over again by the looks on their faces when they hug Lucy and she is loving towards them.

No credit at all to me. I am inspired by my brother-in-law, and galvanised into action by my wonderful Princess. I am all the richer because of it. And that is the truth. No need for embellishment or false humility. Sometimes, others help to open one’s eyes and heart to what used to be impossibility, changing one’s paradigms and perspective forever.


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