scraping the bottom

Running out of food. Not entirely yet. Some tinned tuna, eggs and a few slices of bacon, a bit of rice, a few packs of rice vermicelli, frozen spinach, some cake, half a container of yoghurt, and one tin of tomato soup left. That’s quite a lot, considering many may be starving, not so far away from where I am now. I am determined to make the most of this lot of food and not be tempted to run off to the shops to stock up, not just yet anyway. I already blew my budget on fish and chips last night. I was just too tired to cook, it was cold and wet, and I was walking home feeling miserable after yet another apartment viewing attempt.

Breakfast was bacon and avocado sammiches. One with mayonnaise the other without. Both yummy. Simple pleasures! Lunch was just too terrible to make a visual record of – I had bacon with rice vermicelli, that was it. 🙂 Then there was a teatime snack. A slice of cake with yoghurt and the leftover chips from last night’s fish and chips.

When I was a child, I mistook the old saying, “waste not, want not,” for “waste not one nought!” I think the latter is more apt in my case.

In the meantime, while mumma scrimps and saves on her own food, mumma goes and blows her money on the Princess’s stuff. Yes, arrived today, a bag of K9 raw that I am trying out on Lucy, as an alternative to the more costly Ziwipeak, and two bags of treats. Miss Lucy looked quite happy, chewing away at the fish treat. And mind you, it smelled pretty yummy too, even to this picky hypersensitive mummy!

snack time Princess!

snack time Princess!


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