chapati pizza

chapati pizza

Dinner was chapati pizza. I used chapati as the base. No tomato paste, so skipped that one. The last bits of salad was looking a little tired, better not to eat it uncooked. Onto the chapati it all went. Then precooked bacon – I cut the bacon into bits and microwaved it before placing on the chapati. Cheese. And a mini avocado. It is avocado season here now. I love avocado! (Just have to be careful not to allow Lucy to get at the seed.) Baked on grill for 5 minute until cheese melted. Yes, I ate the lot!

Not sure I like chapati as a pizza base, though. It is a little tough and chewy. Not soft and fluffy. I should try naan next time, perhaps? It’s been ages since I last made my own pizza dough. Methinks it’s time for that again soon.


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