food musings

butter chicken, chapati and salad

butter chicken, chapati and salad

bacon, zucchini, tomato and cheese bake on bread

bacon, zucchini, tomato and cheese bake on bread

2 bottles of Indian curry mix for $5. I had a sudden desire to chow down on Indian curry. I blame it on the chapati. Yes, I bought a pack of chapati thinking I shall do an Indian style pizza. However, it somehow triggered in my brain the aromatic delights of Indian spices, and I followed the suggested olfactory enticement to the Asian food shelf at Coles. I am ashamed to say I find the real thing a tad too spicy, and we do get a lot of very good genuine Southern Indian food in South East Asia, so I know what spicy is! Anyhow, here in Australia, curries are rather on the mild side. The butter chicken mix was tasty enough, but not the least bit spicy, despite the “mildly spicy” mark on the label. Not even mild. But ok, there are hints of Indian spice in it. I’m fine here.

OK, and the zucchini was going rather soft and there were dark spots developing. So, cut and slice and save the good bits. I baked it with chopped tomato, cheese and bacon. Very tasty on top of a slice of linseed and soy bread! Once I got used to the texture of the little seeds in the bread, I became quite addicted to it. A far cry from the $1 white bread loaves I used to have to eat before. The linseed and soy bread by Coles is $2.30 – not exactly classy stuff, still much cheaper than other brands, but nevertheless a lordly luxury for me.

I have had two butter chicken thighs, and one helping of the zucchini bake. Two more helpings of butter chicken to go, and three more of the zucchini bake. Repetition is good for the Aspie, it is comforting. Lucy eats the same thing every day and she eats with great gusto anyway. So why can’t I?food mu

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