The exhibition is over. My brain has been locked into ‘exhibition’ mode for so long, now it feels somewhat bereft. I’ve lived with a dark kitchen for ages too, and today, the electrician came to fix it up. Not my landlady’s fault, she usually gets things sorted as soon as I tell her about it, but I have been too busy to attend to anyone walking around the increasingly messy apartment. It feels great now to have light, and to have a bit of time to cook. I’ve also organised and cleaned up some of the mess. This Aspie chick has survived! Hurrah!… I am low on energy, though.

Anyway, I managed to do some grocery shopping. So now I not only have light, but I also have food! I decided to whip up simple and adapted versions of things I used to love eating during my childhood.

Cucumber was one of my favourites! I have been loving my egg and cucumber sandwiches. Mayonnaise is such a luxury, AU$3.90 for a bit of tasty creamy fat, but I indulged this time. It adds a smooth texture to mashed boiled egg, taking the flakiness out of the yolk. Yum! I also boiled up a sweet potato. They are not very sweet here, but still good. I had some gula melaka (palm sugar) and melted some in water to create a syrup. It was a simple attempt at some nostalgia, though the palm sugar was not particularly high quality stuff. All the old grannies swear that the best are found in Malacca. Stands to reason, doesn’t it, since its name means “Malacca sugar” in Malay. The char siew pork will be the main course for the next few days, of course.

It’ll be nostalgia week this week!


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