distress, anxiety and food

Meals have been uninspired and hastily cooked this weekend. I am still suffering from the physical and mental fatigue left over from the craziness of the last few weeks.

Apart from having to tackle the laundry piles and the dust bunnies, I have also been battling distress and anxiety over an situation that entails what I perceive to be deliberate and targeted intrusions upon my privacy. I’ve written about this in my other site, access the musing here if you want to read about it: A Thin Fine Line 🙂

However, if you only wish to stick to food and weather topics, this is it. I have run out of bacon. I only had a cucumber left in the fridge. The sweet potato needs cooking and I’ve been so tired, I haven’t had the energy to even contemplate having to cut it up, let alone cook it. It isn’t easy, cutting up a sweet potato. Very hard things, they are. So, it was just instant noodles, tinned tuna, and sliced cucumber for dinner last night. (I cannot afford to buy fish and chips every single day!) I do think I have become addicted to Indomie Mee Goreng (oh dear)! I did pick up some fresh veggie from the Paddington Market yesterday afternoon, but by bedtime, I had already eaten up the entire pack of cherry tomatoes except for one. For breakfast today, I had the rest of the tuna, the only cherry tomato left and some more sliced cucumber. Dressing was a dash of lime juice and a few dashes of Thai Fish Sauce. No more bread, no more egg, no more bacon. But it was pretty delicious anyway, and properly propped me up for a long and invigorating walk in Centennial Park with my girl afterwards. Lunch was equally boring, more noodles and half a bunch of Bok Choy (bought yesterday) with preserved salted yellow soy beans.

As for the weather? It was a very foggy morning, I initially thought someone was washing the road when I emerged from the lobby of my building. Silly me. But the sun shone through and warmed everything up. The park was wet and soggy, Lucy didn’t like the mud but we did get paws and boots messy and damp with all that walking. Had to wipe her paws thoroughly when we got back and clean my boots too. Lovely day in all. I even managed to sort out my distress and anxiety – the way I sort things out is to write about it after a few days of musing. All is good for now.

Hope everyone had a grand weekend!


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