fish and chips

fish & chips takeaway!

fish & chips takeaway!

I woke up at 4am to the sound of loudly singing water pipes – D flat and E flat alternating in ponderous patterns. Yes, I have perfect pitch, but just to make sure, I did test the sound with my electronic tuner. Somehow, amidst the frustration and developing headache and nausea (sound sensitivity often leads to a combination of headache and nausea for me), I suddenly felt like having fish and chips! I haven’t had fish in Sydney since I first arrived. My first dinner in Sydney was a yummy calamari plate at Doles. Fish and seafood here is yummy but I just cannot afford it the way I used to do back home. Not that it is more expensive here than home, but just that I don’t have that luxury anymore. Anyhow, the cacophony went on for three hours more, and I beetled off to the studio as soon as I could. Urgh! 

Worked at the studio from 9am – 4pm today. Walked little Princess twice for fifteen minutes each time. Lunch break was one hard boiled egg, two slices of bacon and a few pieces of baked sweet potato. Didn’t take too long to finish. And I forgot all about the avocado too. Left it behind at the studio. Apart from that, it was work all the way. Miss Lucy was good as gold, and better. She slept earlier on, became a little restless at around 2-ish, but even then, she didn’t fuss too much. I would’ve kept going, but I was feeling really exhausted by then. The forever young Aspie mind in an aging middle aged body – not so cool, but there we are, who can escape time?

The hankering for fish and chips stayed with me all day. So, I decided I will treat myself to a takeaway tonight. A lordly sum of $8.50 for a simple battered fish, and some very thick chips. Nothing fancy, I’ve had better in nicer places, but this one tasted really good – because it was a treat. I am learning to enjoy the simpler things in life now.

Now back to work. A friend remarked that I need a wife now. Indeed. Someone to cook, clean and do the laundry. Poor wives. So much for equality. But yes, whatever the ‘wife’ may mean in today’s contexts, I do need someone to help me with the mundane so that I can concentrate on work. But no such luck. And no, I cannot afford to have a takeaway every day. The laundry is piling up. Oups! But… I shall cope. All is good.

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