the colour purple

Purple food. I am not so sure what to make of it. It looked attractive enough, the purple/red cabbage on the supermarket shelf. But it took me some time to work up the courage to actually cook it. Then more courage to eat it. Don’t waste, Bunny, especially not when you’re on a budget. So, I ate it. Yup. All of it. OK, so it was only half a cabbage, but still, that was quite some intervention there, getting through the mental hurdle of eating purple.

We have been getting used to the lovely art studio space. My own area is gorgeous, and the lounge area is quite nice too, with tables and comfy seats, microwave, dishwasher, plates and utensils etc. It is usually relatively quiet, but on Friday, a bunch of people congregated just outside my space across the corridor, at the lounge area, and began to do the neurotypical social-chit-chat thing. You know, the ladies who laugh too loudly (what’s with women and their piercing giggles anyway?) and the men who are trying to impress – people generally make far too much noise – then there is the stream of babbling too. So much conversation that I don’t really want to overhear, I am not interested in social-minded babble, none of my business, but it was so intrusive that trying to shut it out gave me a headache, and of course my Lucy was curious and unable to sleep. I packed up and shuffled home. Grrr!!!

The weekend, thankfully, was lovely and still – so glad to have done a fair amount of work. Feeling a little off now, though. Lucy threw up this afternoon – I am not sure why, maybe too many treats and too much activity? We are both tired girls. Bedtime will be early today. Too much purple. That was the last of it. Phew!


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