mini super pizza

the super pizza !

the super pizza !

There are times when I do wish I had a close friend around who would do the cooking and cleaning for me. The intrusion would be most welcome right now – I have been in Aspie-High-Anxiety-Mode for weeks now, gathering momentum (the anxiety) and going into a wild stretto right now. One week left. Please come to my exhibition if you are in Sydney or passing through!

Dinner tonight was a simple but extremely filling mini super pizza – I used a pita bread base, it is softer and so much easier to tackle on a low energy day. Copious aounts of cheese, one tinned tomato (the tomato paste grew moldy and I threw it away), spinach, bacon and shredded roast chicken. I did take out the olive bottle but forgot to add them. Fresh cut chilli on top to add some zest to the super meal.

Exhaustion – physical and mental fatigue. Detail focus cognition is great fun when creating art, but not so grand when swimming upstream towards a deadline! Wish me good luck!


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