ANZAC day with Lucy

Today is ANZAC day. I am not Australian, but I am glad they are keeping the memories alive. The region owes much to the valiant Australian and NZ soldiers in World War 2. We mustn’t forget the brave and fallen. Amidst the constant news reports on telly, and the stream of people attending the various services held in this area, Lucy and I had a very busy day.

After a full breakfast, we both headed for Centennial Park to meet Liz, the doggy minder. What a lot of doggies! And they were all so well behaved and happy around Liz. Lucy was a little intimidated and overwhelmed, so many dogs of different breeds and all unleashed. We walked for an hour to get her used to them and to Liz. A lovely walk in great weather.

Then we headed off view a lovely terrace house and next to my studio. Work calls. And rather frantically too. The exhibition date draws near. It is difficult for an Aspie with intense detail focus to tune in to the global picture for the purposes of a deadline. There is so much going on in the mind all the time, more and more details, but I have to train the mind to stand apart and work towards the deadline. Not a pleasurable exercise, but not impossible either. We will get there.

Lucy was a good girl. She is getting used to the environment, as I am too. Today, I plucked up the courage to use the communal microwave at last. But I ate inside my own space. I shall need more time to use the lounge for a meal. It feels too exposed right now. I microwaved a packet of instant rice. One of those dreadful ready meals in a bag. Not too bad taste-wise though. What does one expect from a microwaved ready meal anyway? Work loomed large. Lunch was quick.

Finished a few small components. Many more to go. Left the space because Lucy was beginning to get restless and I was developing a headache. And feeling really tired. We trudged home. Lucy always gets smiles. There were many people dressed in formal black clothing emerging from the Victoria Barracks. Probably coming from a memorial service.

Dinner was a pot of hot soup. Instant soup in a tin, of course. I am far too tired to cook. I love cooking, but at times like these, I do wish I had a friend nearby who’d do the cooking for me. And the cleaning up too. I am pushing the limits now.

Wish us good luck!


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