bacon and all things fat

I have been musing lately on the different haptic effects of fat. Yes, fat. Cooked and uncooked fat. Animal and vegetable. They feel different. Greasy they all may be, but one blanket description doesn’t do justice to the individual characteristics. Here is my personal rundown of all things fat (i.e. the stuff I ingest!).

The fat of lamb is tacky to the touch. It also tends to stick, adhere with an almost stubborn ferocity, to all surfaces. But it is opaque and tends to coagulate in a more friendly manner, making it easier to scrape at. Lamb fat washes away easily, contrary to popular misperception. Just scrape away what is visible first, then use hot water and detergent. Beef, however, seeps into every little pore in my plastic containers and melamine plates (cheap melamine that is). Unlike lamb fat, washing with super hot water and copious amounts of detergent still doesn’t quite do the trick. One has to make several attempts at it, and I inevitably tend to scrub rather vigorously, though I am not sure that helps either. Frustrating, really. Chicken fat is easier to clean away. It feels less tacky to the touch than lamb and less rich than beef. Bacon is pork. Now, pork is fat. I mean, what kind of pig is slim anyway? I love bacon. Unhealthy, yes, yes, but I love it anyway. And precisely for the fat. Generous fat! Oddly enough, the fat of bacon ranks equal to that of chicken in terms of how easy it is to clean. Though I do admit bacon fat needs some scraping off the plate before the washing. What does it feel like to the touch? Slippery. Even when cooked. I mean, super slippery.

I cook with olive oil. I love the aroma. But don’t think it’s so easy to wash off either. It’s deceptively slithery, and just when you think it’s gone, run your finger over the pan and you can still feel a lingering slithery texture. It’s there! What’s easiest to clean away? Flaxseed oil. Feels almost like liquid. I just use hot water, no need for detergent. Or a quick small dab of detergent and cold water will do. Pity we cannot cook with Flaxseed oil though.

And yes, bacon is the staple lately. I did buy a roast chicken from the nearby Paddington Farm Fresh Foods – I love their roast chicken, more expensive than Coles’ or Red Lea’s at Eastgate but delicious (though I spied the Red Lea truck delivering fresh chicken early in the morning, so they must be using the Red Lea chickens!). Lucy of course is very much attracted to the smell of the luscious chicken and gets very excited when I open the bag! Too salty for her, but a few slivers from the inside of the breast are fine, and she doesn’t get that weird edgy effect from this roast chicken, unlike the Coles’ roast.

OK, happy Sunday, everyone. Sun’s out at last! We survived the rain but I really do need to sew the Princess another set of pyjamas!


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