sweet curry

Japanese sweet curry

Not really curry. That’s what curry enthusiasts say about the Japanese version of ‘curry.’ Well, I do agree, it’s more like a sweet and slightly spicy stew, really. My father used to scoff at it – he liked his curry hot and spicey the Southern Indian way. This changed during the end days of his life, when it was as close to curry as he could eat. It was the last thing I cooked for him. I was out of the country when he died. The only one regret in my life – not being there with him. But he didn’t go alone. Mother was there holding his hand. So it was a sweet goodbye.

Anyhow, I had a sudden desire for Japanese curry recently. So, I finally nipped out to pick up a small pack of the mix. The cheapest one I could find – the Vermont Curry Medium Hot. I put in three chicken drumsticks, two diced carrots and one onion. Here it is. Served on a bed of Cos lettuce leaves and a tangerine. All the chicken is gone now, at the time of posting. But there’s still some gravy and carrots left. Good for dinner tonight!

And yes, I do still miss dad. Very much.


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