Black is not usually a colour that people are drawn to, unless they are certain types of self-styled fashionistas who think wearing only black makes them all that much more elegant and/or slim (totally untrue). The colour black is not often found in food, and western cooking usually eschews dark colours. Not so the Chinese. One of my very favourites is the preserved salted black soy bean. It has a much stronger taste than the yellow version. Not for the faint hearted, methinks. A controversial condiment, some people hate it, others love it. I am one of the latter.

Well, casserole beef was $8.80 per kilo, so I bought one pack of two pieces. Sliced and stir fried with preserved salted black soy beans. Lasted several meals. Delicious, especially with freshly sauteed spinach (olive oil and salt). The spinach was polished off in two meals. The beef lasted longer. Today, for lunch, I finished the final portion of beef.

Trying to finish the plum cake. The photo shows it paired with vanilla yoghurt, but when I opened the yoghurt again yesterday, I saw tiny little black flecks all over, and not wanting to imbibe anything suspicious looking, I threw it all away. What a waste, but I cannot risk being ill, not now. The cream I bought was sitting in the fridge for ages, unopened and forgotten, until two days before its expiry date. That is, today. I used it with my coffee and milo, but since it expires today, and still smells good, I decided I’d try and finish it. I made desiccated coconut cream for my desserts. Desiccated coconut, icing sugar and cream – whipped. Tastes great when poured over a tangerine. The second lot of tangerines I bought were less sweet than the ones before.

Feeling physically tired. But plenty of work to be done. Exhibition in three weeks’ time! My brain prefers the detail focused approach, but with deadlines, one needs a certain global comprehensive plan. Have to push my mind to make that effort. Not weak central coherence, but rather a preferential cognitive style. Off we go! Rah rah rah, Bunnyhopscotch!


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