sleep – tone poem

tone poem in green

tone poem in green

Lucy is amazing. She can sleep through the noise of the traffic here. I have been here a year now, and I am seriously suffering from undercurrents of stress bubbling up onto the surface just from the noise alone. There isn’t a night when I don’t wake up with a start at some point or other because of some drunk person suddenly shouting, shrieking or picking a fight in the street below, a large vehicle trundling past at full speed, rumbling motorbikes, tooting horns… and a myriad of other things that seem to only occur in the dead of night and wee hours of the morning. Lucy is startled too, I can see in the darkness the silhouette of her long neck jerk upright and her ears go up like radar. But she goes back to sleep and anyway, she sleeps all day. She is a gem, not all greyhounds are as calm as she is, many are very highly strung and nervous, especially if they suffer from additional PTSD after a life spent on the racing circuit. One of my immediate goals is to find a quieter place to live, and one that is officially dog friendly and Lucy doesn’t need to live like a fugitive depending on the mercy of the fellow tenants in my building – oh, and also somewhere where the internet isn’t going to be a crazy issue. The only one I will miss when I move out of here is my wonderful landlady! Sigh.

Well, here she is, my Snozzing Princess, making herself comfortable with my green Jim Thompson cushion and the printed red on beige silk bed covers (also Jim Thompson) – a lovely tone poem she is.


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