tail ends

The last few days were “tail ends” days. Finishing up what was in the fridge, before going shopping for more. It’s surprising how much one can get out of an average sized roast chicken. Paired with tangerine, it can be quite delicious for a light lunch.Yesterday morning, I was mulling over what to eat for breakfast on our way home from our early morning walk, when I suddenly realised that I’d forgotten about the smoke salmon, there was one last lot that I’d left in the chiller, right in the back. Jolly good I found it in time, don’t want to waste anything. Still yummy, and thank goodness for an acute sense of smell, I can tell even when something is slightly off, or going to be off. That was a big breakfast indeed! It was cold and rainy for days, and last night, after a long day working, I felt like having some hot soup. I shredded up the rest of the roast chicken, put the bones into a pot and made soup from it (adding veggie stock) – dinner was a very satisfying hot pot of more roast chicken shreds, spinach and rice vermicelli in chicken soup. Today began sunny, but by lunchtime, the rain had returned. I ate the last remaining bits of roast chicken with vermicelli, accompanied by some newly acquired Cos lettuce leaves and tomatoes. Tail ends can be fun, wrapping things up in a tasty way.


2 thoughts on “tail ends

  1. What great ideas. Too bad more people don’t hop on the leftovers band wagon – so frugal, healthy and easy! My post is on soup from leftovers this week. I like your heading!

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