Saturday break

I didn’t do any work today. Decided to take a break from work, and spend some time with my baby girl. We went to the Paddington Market, she loves going there, it is a weekly “must do” for her. Lucy has two friends there, whippets Sophia and Ivy, who belong to one of the stall holders. She is a generous girl, she allows me to bring her treats there to share with the two whippets. They are lovely, as all sighthounds are, gentle and sweet. We also spent some time at the new Bowhouse, which has just opened here in Paddo. She literally stalks that place these days, dragging me there early in the morning at 5.30am, poking her nose through the grilles and staring inside, wondering why she cannot get in. If I don’t insist on walking along another route, she would want to go there. Every time. Aunty Sylvie always gives her treats, and tells her what a beautiful girl she is, which of course, has sealed her loyalty to that place!

Today, we tried on a new harness for her. I have been eyeing the Ezydog range of harnesses and leashes for some time, but I don’t like buying online if I can help it, because there is nothing like a fitting session to determine how it looks on her. I am glad I waited and didn’t order online at eBay. Well, I decided on the Ezydog Convert Harness and after trying on three different sizes, we finally found the right size for her. It’s an expensive one, but very sturdy and offers me good control without hurting her. I am aware that I may get it cheaper elsewhere, but I have neither the time nor energy to spend on searching everywhere for the best deal, just to save $3, especially now that I am crazy preparing for the exhibition. And the people at Bowhouse are just so wonderful anyway. They didn’t have the Ezydog Zero Shock bungee-leash in black, although the red is really pretty, it would look too Christmassy together with her Greenhounds collar. (And it is a rule that she must wear that ugly Greenhounds collar in public – or be muzzled.) So, we will wait and return to pick up both harness and leash when they get the black leash. That works out well, because my scholarship stipend will only be paid out sometimes mid-week next week. I also picked up a bag of chicken treats for my sister’s two sweethearts, a Bichon-poodle and a Miniature Poodle. Her boys are both adopted, and I often wonder what kinds of people abandon their dogs like that, especially such lovely ones. Anyhow, the bag of treats will go into a large box of pressies for the two boys and will be mailed out on Monday.

The shop was crowded with shoppers and their pooches, we met two other whippets, also friends of Lucy, who we’ve not seen for some time. Sighthounds seem to gravitate towards each other. The two girls are adorable, one more forward and extroverted, the other a little shy, but both were happy to see Lucy and she was glad to see them too. My girl is quite the social diva, in this way, the opposite extreme of her Aspie mum. Before the Princess came into my life, I found no reason to leave my apartment at all, apart from buying groceries and attending official university meetings or seminars. I didn’t speak to anyone apart from the usual “please” and “thank you” at the supermarket checkouts, and even then, I usually use the self-checkout stations anyway! Since Lucy burst into my world, she’s made friends with so many other dog lovers and dogs in the neighbourhood!

Once home, I decided to embark on a quick project – pyjamas for the Princess. I cut up a bright red jumper that I didn’t want to wear anymore, even though it is relatively new, I just don’t look so great in it. I think the red suits her, a nice sharp contrast with her glossy black coat. She seems happy with it too. We’ll test it out tonight, as the last two nights were a little cold. Let’s see how she takes to it then.

It’s still rainy, wet and cool. But I daresay we both did have a good day. Tired out though, both of us. Time for a final evening walk and then to bed.

Good night, world! (Must remember to set back the clock an hour tomorrow too. Autumn really has arrived!)

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