rainy day snoozing

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

The Princess has a mind of her own. Some nights, she prefers to sleep on her own, on the day beds, and only jumping up to cuddle with me in bed an hour before it is time to wake up. Other nights, she likes to cuddle all night, plonking herself on top of me, snuggling her long nose into my blanket, licking my hand. Last night she was in a cuddling mood. Funny how I still manage to get some sleep. If it were a human, I won’t put up with it at all. The mind does strange things, and my Princess has wriggled her way into a part of my heart and brain that nobody else has ever occupied.

It is raining again. And a little cooler. I threw the pullover onto the snoozing girl, and she didn’t cast it off, so I think she likes and wants it there. I should get on to sewing her a set of pyjamas now that the weather is getting colder.


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