Rainy Day Victuals

Rained all day again. It is getting cooler too. I guess autumn really is setting in. The Princess had another tough day, the rain really upsets her a lot. She was grumpy and a little sookie today. Who can blame her? My legs were aching from the damp. I don’t mind cool, I just hate damp and humid, whatever the temperature may be.

Well, it’s smoked salmon day today. And some braised soy sauce chicken. A lot of salad. And snacking in between.

Worked all day, apart from taking the girl out for her pee and poo sessions. No long walk for her though. She just isn’t a water spaniel or retriever. She even surprised me this afternoon by revealing a side of her I’d never seen before. The girl was trying to sniff out a nice spot for a pee, when suddenly one of the too-thin salukis came bounding towards us, and his owner shouting loudly at him to stop. The guy tends to raise his voice at the two sweeties quite a bit. Lucy turned and burst into a fierce volley of “back-off” barking and lunged at the saluki. This shocked everyone – the saluki froze in his tracks, the owner stopped shouting and I stood rooted to the ground in amazement! I quickly recovered and held her down and said a firm, “No, no!” and then put my hand on her neck to calm her. She calmed down quickly but continued to stare at the saluki as the owner took him away. Poor saluki. Must’ve been quite a shock to the boy, since Lucy is usually very gentle and polite to the dogs around here, and they have met a few times before. Honestly? I was secretly proud of my girl. She may be a sweet gentle lady, but she does know how to stand up for herself and draw her boundaries when she feels threatened. Good Princess!


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