Rainy Day Blues

The girl is sad when it rains all day. It has rained all day for two days in a row now. She has taken to muttering under her breath too, the funny girl. But the food deliveries go on, we can see the trucks stopping at the shops and the delivery guys hard at work in their raincoats. I used to like rainy days, staying home snug and dry, and looking out the window at the rain. Now I dislike rainy days because my girl is miserable. And I now feel her misery too. She is also more prone to cramping on wet, cold days – something left over from her racing life, no doubt. The vet recommended magnesium, so I have been giving her one pill a day. She is a good girl, she eats the pill with her food, no protesting. The Princess is now in bed, snuggled up inside my blanket, smelling of lavender after I gave her a lavender massage. She tends to sleep better this way.

Good night, world!


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