haptic comfort

I have been working on a fabric installation for one of the walls in the exhibition space, a haptic piece with different textures and busy visual stimulation, that visitors can touch, smell and ’empathise’ with. My Princess keeps me company as I work. I am never lonely. Lucy usually sleeps more when it is warm, but since it was cooler today, she was awake most of the time. It is a tiny shoebox of a home, not much larger than the crate that she was kept in during her years as a racing greyhound, only three times the size. But I guess it is immensely more comfy and interesting, and of course, now she has mummy to pay her some attention. Lucy decided to join in the fun too – she was sniffing at my pieces, lying on them, digging into them and even took one of the fluffy hyperbolic crochet objects and began to nibble at it. She is not destructive, though, so no harm was done, apart from the lavish slathering of greyhound saliva on the crochet piece. I don’t mind. The work is all about engaging the senses and forming empathic resonances, anyway.


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