no sacrifice at all

Lucy & the Rug

I recently came across this post, “5 Nice Things I Can’t Have Because I Have Dogs.” While I do understand that the author is trying to convey that her dogs are more precious than her ‘nice things’, nevertheless, it sounded as if there was some sacrifice involved, that there was a weighing up and exercise in arithmetics before the conclusion that it’s fine because the dogs were worth the sacrifice. My first thought was, “What sacrifice?” I do agree with the author’s idea that our dogs are ‘worth it,’ but why must we view it from that perspective, that we are having to make sacrifices at all, worth it or not? Here’s my take on the 5 ‘sacrifices’ listed in that post.

1. The Coach Handbag. That first item made me laugh out loud, because it came right after her sad, martyr-like statement,

“our 12 years together have taught me an important lesson: I can’t have nice things.”

The diva bitch in me, of course, says, “Honey, that Coach bag isn’t what I consider ‘nice things’ anyway, and it does looks much better with the bites marks on it!” The mummy in me knows I would be only worried about Lucy’s wellbeing should I come home to find she had chewed at any of my things. My first concern, each and every time I return home after I have had to leave the girl alone is, “I hope she is ok, and has not swallowed anything bad or hurt herself.” No thought for my LV, Chanel, Gucci, Prada (which, by the way, are far costlier than a boring black Coach handbag – that’s the diva bitch chiming in, excuse her please, though she doesn’t care even if not… :)). At the end of her first week with me, I had to attend a lecture and left her alone in my tiny flat for three hours. I remember the terrible anxiety I was suffering throughout the lecture, thinking about her, worrying about her safety, and when I came home, nothing was out of place, except my favourite Laurie Anderson book. She had chosen that one from the shelf, and gently nibbled at the top edge. Who cares about the book, besides it looks better now with the nibble marks. I was more worried about Lucy!

2. The velvet couch. The diva bitch says, “Sorry but velvet couches are so tricky, only the most stylish can pull it off, and by the looks of that handbag, I don’t think you’re one of them.” The mummy says, “But if I had a velvet couch at all, it would be either rich emerald green or deep fuchsia, and I won’t mind at all having Lucy’s fur all over it, it would lend character to the piece! Nothing that a good vacuum cannot resolve.”

3. The down comforter. The diva bitch says, “No big deal. Just buy another one, honey.” The mummy says, “Nothing that cannot be cleaned. The baby is far more important! Besides, haven’t you heard of water proof inner covers? Jeez!”

4. The dream car seats. This one made me laugh again, because it reminded me of some ridiculous pathetic bloke who wanted to date me but I insisted I must bring Lucy along, and he complained because his 1999 (or whatever) Lexus had leather seats! The diva bitch said, “Darling, I have no qualms about putting my pooch onto brand new BMW leather seats, sorry but my Lucy and I won’t go out with an uptight specimen of manhood who thinks leather seats cannot hold a dog’s four paws.” The mummy says, “Oh, but doggy paws would make the dream seats even dreamier, so much more artistic, no? And anyway, there are seat protectors going for only $15 at Kmart!”

5. The e-reader. I have an iPad. And a Macbook Pro. I take both to bed with me to catch up on my casual emails and readings before bed. Bad habit I know but that’s what this Aspie geek chick does. Lucy doesn’t like it, she wants all the attention. Sometimes, I get an impatient nose on the screen, or a big paw shove, and a few times she did try to flip the Macbook Pro off the bed! The diva bitch has nothing to say, she just smiles, because she thinks it’s so adorable. The mummy is more worried that it would hurt the baby, ever thinking first and foremost of the baby’s safety. Who the heck cares about cracked glass and scary spiders, for heaven’s sake?

Bah! Who says you can’t have nice things when you have a pooch in your life? Maybe those who think that way just completely and pathetically fail to understand what “nice things” really are. I have lots of “nice things” that I don’t want to or need to give up for my pooch. The baby makes all my nice things even nicer! If Lucy had chewed at my LV handbag, I’d be even more proud of carrying it. Such a lovely piece of artistic aleatory it would become! The only “nice thing” I willingly forego, not that I can’t have but it is a choice, is to travel for long periods of time away from my Lucy. I cannot bear to be without her for long. Both diva bitch and adoring arty-mummy agree on this one – unanimously so!

By the way, the photo of Lucy above was taken when we visited a lovely lady’s beautiful home. The lady, another true dog lover and lover of nice things, didn’t bat an eyelid about Lucy trotting all over her gorgeous rugs and lying on her off white couch with the tastefully decorative cushions and throws all around. Now, that is what I call real style. Not the ‘sacrificial’ dog lover, but a truly stylish dog lover. We don’t have to sacrifice anything. Sacrifice is in our perception. Change the paradigms. Stop being boring!


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