late snack

tandoori chicken salad

tandoori chicken salad

I usually keep ‘country hours’ with Lucy. I eat dinner when she does, but I didn’t do so at the usual early time tonight. I hate going out, especially farther afield than my nearby campus. It throws me completely out of sync. All my senses are overwhelmed and overtaxed, and I was exhausted when I got home. Not a grumble, it was a good meeting and I do like my co-researchers ever so much, but just a statement of fact.

Well, here is my late snack. Tandoori and yoghurt chicken, onions, olives, tangerine on a bed of salad leaves. It was pretty good!

Some people eat dinner every day at 8.30pm, nothing unusual, but for me, it feels like a ‘forbidden’ midnight snack! And Lucy’s super sensitive olfactory abilities never fail to pick up the scent of food, even when I think she is fast asleep. I can be doing all kinds of things in the kitchen, but as soon as I open something tasty, she is in the kitchen in a flash! My beautiful greedy greyhound. I know I shouldn’t, but I did give her a tiny treat, just because she is irresistibly lovely! And she is a good girl, she let me eat in peace thereafter.

Good night, world!


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