lamb leftovers



Lucy loves Saturdays, because it’s Paddington Market day. Recently, the popular pet supplies shop Bowhouse opened a branch just beside the Paddo Market. Lucy loves going there, she gets free treats from Aunty Sylvie, and which doggy can resist that? Lucy stalks that shop now, dragging me there early in the morning and every chance she gets now. Well, mummy was exhausted by the time we came home from our outing – it was only 10.45am but I was already ravenously hungry. I ate up the rest of the lamb roast, even though I told myself to make it last one more meal!

I sliced the lamb roast leftovers and stirfried the lot with a small sliced onion marinaded with marmalade. Yes, onions with marmalade makes a yummy combination! I had on of the two packs of tangerines that I bought two days ago. They are yummy!


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