kawaii is hard work

Kawaii. That means “cute” or “pretty”. I have always found it weird that a whole range of pianos are named “Kawaii” and made in Korea. Maybe it means a different thing in Korean? Anyway, this is not about language. It is about “cute”-ness. Yes, I admit it, I am a fan of Hello Kitty, though not in an obsessive way – phew! But achieving “kawaii” is hard work – especially when one cannot afford to buy proper Japanese short grained rice. I used my usual brown and white rice mix, with the sushi vinegar stuff you buy in bottles at Japanese supermarkets. Today is Good Friday, so I decided, just for fun, to eat no meat today. Any excuse to cut into that delicious 1kg pack of smoked salmon, of course! The rice, because it was the wrong texture and didn’t stick well enough, fell all over the place and it was tricky keeping it all together. A bit like my senses at wits end. Then there is that Goth Hello Kitty rice ball – that was the toughest, because I was greedy, I wanted a fat and full one, so I stuffed too much rich into the mould and had a LOT of trouble closing the catch. At one stage in my struggle, I nearly wanted to step on the thing to close it tight! I didn’t, of course, but Lucy was watching the entire proceedings with great interest. I’d earlier given her a whole boiled egg (with shell on) to play with and eat – I don’t think she’d ever had a boiled egg served in that manner. It was funny, but I digress. I shall upload a video of Lucy’s egg adventure some time when I get down to editing the footage. For now, here is my Good Friday foray into “kawaii”…


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