Easter Lamb Roast

Here it is, my own pre-Easter Lamb Roast for one. With repeats. Leg of lamb was on special, so here we are, both for a grand $9! I did a simple marinade of honey and soy sauce, sliced and stuffed with garlic. Lunch was some of the roast, fresh out of the oven, with the three almost shriveling small potatoes from last week’s grocery shopping, two already shriveled apples, and one tomato, freshly bought today. All specials of course, I don’t usually buy anything that is not.

Yes, Easter is coming around the corner. I am not one for celebrations though I do like my own personal rituals. I am glad to be alone with Lucy this Easter. No, no noisy, sweaty, crowded, inane Easter Egg Hunts by the beach or any kind of strange neurotypical social activity this year, just my own strange neurodiverse non-activity routine of work, as much work as possible, which is pleasure to me, and time with Lucy. Sounds so drab, but if you knew me or spoke to my close friends, you’d know my life is far from boring, quite the opposite, so I don’t need any added social stimulation, thank you!

I do wonder, though, what Lucy would look like with an Easter Bonnet?


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