more colour

A colourful weekend, as accompaniment to the sun and heat. I am loving it really, having grown up in the tropics, this kind of dry heat is wonderful, compared to the horrible humidity of South East Asia! But Lucy isn’t so convinced. She is a princess, she thrives on gentle warmth, not too cold, not to hot. 🙂

Friday’s “yay, it’s the weekend!” dinner was a simple colourful pasta salad. On Saturday, I decided to do something with the leftover Lindt dark chocolate and a tangerine. Melted the chocolate on low heat in the microwave and dipped tangerine slices in it. The bacon from the week before was looking rather seedy, and so, never one to waste good food, I cut away the seedy bits and marinated the rest in honey, and lightly baked the lot in readiness for re-cooking later. Saturday’s luncheon comprised the last bits of charsiew rebaked with the honeyed bacon, over red capsicum and pasta, on a bed of salad leaves. By dinnertime, I had run out of salad, and feeling still a little full from the lavish lunch, so I just threw together a cold meal of the last of the pasta and red capsicum, brown-white rice and some honey bacon. Sunday brunch was an east-west fusion of brown-white rice fried with tomato paste, honey bacon and charsiew leftovers, on a bed of salad greens, with cheese and olives. Fried rice is traditionally a poor-man’s meal of leftovers, just as ingenuous as bouillabaisse, which was originally a Provençal fisherman’s soup-stew made out of bits of seafood. Ooooo, wait, talking about bouillabaisse… mmm… I can still remember the aroma and rich taste of the one we had in Albi… too many worlds ago… but isn’t it strange how the senses remember?

The red capsicum didn’t last all that long, did it? I am all out of colour now. But I still do have a lot of green tea!


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