Bally sneakers & the lonesome beef patty

What do a pair of green suede Bally sneakers and a beef patty have in common? Nothing, other than a strange connection in the brain of an Aspie foodie and sneakerholic. I used to be a shoe collector, but now it’s just sneakers for this old bird. As for the lonesome beef patty, I have run out of veggie, and I am seriously in the red at present, so I have no money for grocery shopping, not until the next stipend payment. Soon enough. But no tears, I was just too lazy to open a tin of tomatoes, so I had this lone beef patty with the last bit of mixed rice. There is spinach in the patty, mind you, and that’s veggie too, innit? Just not the amount I am used to eating. Right, before you take pity on poor little starving me, I did finish this and go on to wolfing down yet another cold beef & spinach patty, and then two small potatoes (sliced and microwaved with salt and black pepper!). Yes, thankful for skinny genes, or I’d be ten times my current weight at the rate I am going. Maybe Lucy takes after me? Oh dear…

P.S. Perhaps, there is some association with the colour green? Is my brain trying to tell me something? My Bally sneakers got wet at the toes this morning while out walking with Lucy in dewy grass. Grass… green suede… lack of green veggie… red… in the red… broke scholar… hmmm…?


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