My Princess never ceases to amaze – and alarm – me! Just when I thought she had no sense of direction and wouldn’t know how to make it home if she were ever separated from me around here, she surprises me by dragging me to two of her favourite places, which she had only visited once before! She now heads straight for the new pets supplies shop nearby every morning, and sticks her nose through the grilles even though it is not open for business yet. Goodness knows how I will managed once they do open in two weeks’ time! She is crazy about that place because the kind owner gave her a whole lot of cuddles and yummy treats during their soft opening last Saturday. The other place she tries to drag me towards is her favourite boyfriend’s home. Jack is a handsome greyhound, also black, but older and not as bouncy or naughty as my Lucy, he is ever the gentleman, and he lives near my college. Every time we go to the art studio, Lucy will want to continue along the street to Jack’s home. Again, we’ve only been there once before she started to gravitate in that direction.

Tonight, during our evening walk, I let her play leash free at the reservoir garden. She had fun with her pink rabbit stuffed toy, flinging it around and ripping apart one of its legs again. On our way home, she suddenly froze and refused to move. This time, I was fooled, because it didn’t look like her usual ‘stubborn greyhound freeze.’ She was panting heavily, her chest was heaving, her neck stretched out and she was staring at me in a weird way – I became very worried because she had just had a round of frolicking in the garden and I thought it was bloat. I rubbed her belly, which, on hindsight I think she really enjoyed, and she still won’t move. I stood there really worried for awhile, and then decided to test and see if she really was in distressed. I asked her where she’d like to go instead and began to walk in the other direction. She immediately got out of her freeze mode and began trotting in the direction of her good friend Fifi’s home! Fifi is a teacup poodle that Lucy absolutely adores. Naughty girl! But mummy was so relieved that she wasn’t unwell, there’s just nothing that Lucy cannot be forgiven for!

Yes, she does play with mummy. Peekaboo! Gotcha you!


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