back to red

Yay! Colour has returned to my food! Yes, I indulged. Tomatoes are expensive again, but I bought two red capsicums on special at Harris Farms. I adore red, yellow and orange capsicums but am seldom able to afford it these days. Anyhow, having oranges and reds in my food does bring some suggestion of cheer. I do think colour affects our moods, and even ‘tastes’ better!

I had a gastronomic day today. The tangerines are becoming sweeter the longer I keep them, though I am not doing so deliberately, I just wanted to make them last. I peeled one and added it to my breakfast plate today: tangerine, bacon, egg, cheese, and homemade peanut butter breadsticks. A great way to begin the day!

The red capsicums were sliced and baked the way I usually like – with stuffed olives, garlic and olive oil. I added a dash of Thai fish sauce because I cannot afford anchovies. Two fat capsicums should be worth 4 meals. There is still roast char siew pork left – it was a very large roll I bought! I added some to the salad leaves, pasta, microwaved salted carrots and capsicum combo. Dressing was my favourite wasabe and soy sauce with flaxseed oil. That provided enough inspiration and energy for the day’s work – I did manage to spin an abstract for a paper after that!

Dinner was pasta with cheese, more red capsicum, carrots and pork on the side. I skipped the salad leaves this time. Perfect ‘back to red’ day!


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