Repeats can be visually boring, unless one bothers to do some rearranging. Does it fool the mind into thinking it is a ‘new’ dish? I am not so sure, but to this Aspie, who thrives on regularity and repetition, it’s all fine. I rearrange just to throw in a bit of fun to the process of creating a meal. The carrots were withering, so I decided I’d better cook them. That’s the lot. No more carrots until next grocery shopping day. That is, when the stipend next arrives in my bank account. A week’s wait. But that’s ok. I have food enough till then.

I did a roast pork again with char siew sauce. This time I added more sauce. The colour was weird, but after cutting away the skin – because I just don’t know how to do proper crackle – the roast turned out to be perfect. Not overcooked, nor under, but, as Goldilocks the most famous trespasser in history puts it, “Just right!” It has been variations on char siew roast pork ever since. A few more chunks to go!


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