morning breaks

Breakfast. Breaking the nightly fast. Here we are again, featuring the last two eggs from my Harris Farms foray. Homemade peanut butter in a cheap Coles bread sandwich. With cheap Coles cheddar-shudder cheese (I used to avoid cheddar!). The eggs were 2 packs of 12 for $5, the very cheapest I could find. No, I am not ashamed to say I cannot afford free range. I would love to, but the way things go nowadays, having a conscience costs a lot of money. Poverty doesn’t have a conscience. So I have discovered. It is sad, I am sad, but not ashamed to be poor. And Lucy is not ashamed of me either. I do have a sharp conscience where it comes to Lucy, though. And I worry a lot about being able (or not) to give her the better things, like decent food, proper medical care and comfortable surroundings.

Happy Bacon and Eggs!


2 thoughts on “morning breaks

  1. Honestly, sometimes I think you build the best memories over the simplest meals. In Peter Gordon’s latest cookbook he has a recipe for little spaghetti and cheese bread tartlets. It’s just bread, butter, canned spaghetti and cheese. But there the recipe is, in his latest cookbook.

    He served them at London book launch, and apparently the editor of The Independent came up to him amazed asking what the secret ingredient was.

    Ummm… Heinz?

    I can still get a lot of joy out of two tins of canned tomatoes and some garlic and dried herbs stuck of the stove for 30 minutes and pushed through some pasta with some peas.

    This is just to say, I think breakfast looks pretty amazing.

    • Chuckles. Indeed, I have to agree with you. For most Chinese people, especially those who hail from outside of China, the comfort easy food is instant noodles. And yes, I do love tinned tomatoes too! Ah, Heinz! Yum!

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