Where we lie, where we rest, is important to us. So why should it not be important to Lucy? Dogs do have keener senses than humans, after all. I have been taking Lucy to work at the art studio lately. She was most unhappy with the tiny bed I made her. And who can blame the Princess? She is used to the comfort of a double bed, and two soft fluffy beds on the floor, in the company of her various soft toys. At the art studio, it smells of cement, dust and various other vaguely unpleasant things. Don’t get me wrong, I love it there, it is a wonderful space and I am the luckiest girl ever to have that nooky corner. But the senses don’t know gratitude, and my asthmatic cough has been acting up every time I am there. Will have to bring along my inhaler next time. Anyhow, what Lucy needs, Lucy gets. I was just surfing the online doggy shops for a new bed, when I received a text message from a lovely chap that he and his partner would like to give Lucy a bed, which was a spare one that they bought for their own rescued greyhound (from the same rescue group as Lucy). Wonders will never cease! What lovely friends we have. We are such lucky girls indeed!

Today, Lucy lay on her new bed from her beloved boyfriend Jack. I put in an extra layer of foam, which I had lying around. She was happy. At last. Now mummy can work in peace. I hope?


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