Variation on a Laksa Theme

chicken Laksa variation

chicken Laksa variation

My Princess is asking to go out for her evening walk. She is very sweet and gentle – she just silently wanders over to me and pokes her wet nose at me, sometimes tentatively licking my arm, to signal to me that she would like to go out. So, I will be brief here.

I cooked Laksa again. A variation. I used the yummy Prima Taste Laksa mix with chicken soup stock which I had previously made from the bones of the roast chicken. The kangkong was looking fresh at Harris Farms this morning (for a change!) and so I had to get a bunch. I blanched the kangkong in a separate pot, cooked some noodles, added some shredded roast chicken (still some left!) and half the small pot of Laksa soup. Oh, don’t forget the spring onion dressing! I had this lovely concoction with some preserved yellow bean (not in the photograph). Miam!


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