Princess Treats

I like making treats for Lucy. I cannot afford to give her a good fresh cooked diet, so I have to feed my baby kibble. I have had to switch to cheaper kibble lately too, because I just cannot afford the super expensive premium stuff anymore. Apart from adding carrots, pumpkin, minced beef, minced chicken to her kibble meals, the only other way I can give her something good is to bake the treats myself. And my girl is a foodie, like her mum. She loves her treats! She gets 2 raw chicken necks once a week – whenever I go grocery shopping, I stop by Red Lea for the chicken necks. Today, I decided to buy 3 chicken hearts too, they looked fresh, and they are CHEAP!

My recipe was improvised along the way. I devised it as I was cooking the chicken hearts.

3 cooked chicken hearts, oatmeal and pulp from apple and carrot juice (I made juice for myself and dumped the pulp into the mixing bowl. I did not add liquid because I figured the pulp is wet enough. Also there will be moisture from the cooked hearts. Blended smooth with my trusty Braun handheld blender. Pressed the mix into a lined baking tray – press as flat and compact as possible – and baked at 180C for 10 minutes, turn over the slab and bake another 10 minutes. Cut into small squares and leave to cool on tray. I used a baking netting thingy to cool the squares. Lucy loves them!!!!


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